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Langley Whale Center Memberships

Your membership packet will arrive at your home with an assortment of memberís only goodies! A membership card with your name included!

Other benefits of becoming a member is a 10% discount within the Langley Whale Center gift shop when we have one of our seasonal "sales" (for members only).

You will also receive a discounted price for admission to lectures, films and other educational and or fun events that take place at the Langley Whale Center throughout the year.

Lastly, and most importantly, you can know and be confident in the fact that you are part a dedicated team of people that tirelessly work to save the lives that are a part of the landscape that is ALL of ours home.

They need our protection, they need you.
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$30 Basic LWC Membership
Our Price: $30.00

LWC Basic Membership Contribution
$50 LWC Family Membership
Our Price: $50.00

LWC Family Membership
$100 LWC Orca Membership
Our Price: $100.00

$100 LWC Orca Membership
$250 LWC Superpod
Our Price: $250.00

$250 LWC Superpod Membership